Shadows in my mind

Words put together in the discovery and adventures of life, love and living.

Hot Paws


Hi there! My name is Shadow…pleased to meet you here. I call Anja “Maw-Maw” meaning mom. It seem silly to speak human so what comes out when I call mom, you will hear Maw! It’s nature, but the way I see it, she loves hearing it. She calls me “Dow-Dow”…I think its cute!!!

My story? Well, it was kinda sad but a typical news like other beautiful felines out there. I was rescued from being drowned while in a bag along with my brothers and sisters. Come to think of it? I don’t know what have become of them. I hope they made it through like I did.

I had my fair share of trauma. Maw-Maw and I have had our ups and downs but I would not change that for anything. I consider myself one lucky cat. And having Maw with me, I am in a happy and safe place.

Our journey together continues. I am sure I will be on Maw’s lap cozy and warm while she keeps moving that stick (I swear I’d love to lay my paws on them!) on what humans call paper. As a matter of fact, I sometimes catch and play with those when she makes them into a ball. She usually stays up so late. Although, I can sense her being happy when she is done. That makes me happy too.

I hope you read her work (she wrote them from her heart). And if by chance you see a cat in your travels, do give them a stroke (if they allow you, a cuddle will do)…I’d appreciate it.

May your journey take you to wonderful discoveries.



*yawn* Time to sleep. Oh, that’s my teddy Maw named Oliver…isn’t he cute? ♥♥♥


Hey, can you see me? I’ve found this new hiding (chill out) place. Guess Maw have found me. Need to scout for another secret place ♡♡♡

24 Jan.2014
11:42 pm

Here I am in Maw’s bed cozying and sheepishly waiting for her to lay down so I can snuggle under the duvet. She’s busy editing her poems I think. *yawn* Maw and Paw (that’s what I call dad) changed my litter and now is smelling fresh. Got a new cat food to try too and it looks nice. I know it’s late but the aroma makes me hungry…hmmm. Well, for now I am just looking forward to get a snuggle. Good night everyone. Sleep tight ★★★


02 Feb 2014
2300 hrs.

Maw and Paw came home yesterday evening happy. They were gone all day, I wondered where they went. Maw was particularly excited carrying a big bag. Of course I was curious what was going on. Started meowing until Maw picked me up
for a cuddle. After that she showed me her new red boots. She looked cute in it. I like red (maybe I will ask her to buy me one too…hehehe). This evening she was wearing it around the house again. She looked really cool and happy too. Feels good to see her happy. I get a lot of booping on my nose though but I get a lot more cuddles…so I don’t mind the booping. It’s getting late and Maw’s still reading. She brought it with them too. I heard Paw said they will go back to that comic book store in Covent Garden. *yawn* Im really sleepy…maybe it’s better to doze off in my hiding place. Cheerio…Good night everyone. ♥♥♥


22 Feb 2014

Hello everyone!!!

I know, i know…it’s been awhile I have not given you a purr. I have been busy inspiring Maw-Maw. She has been so inspired (for some reason) that she has a lot of poem titles lined up for her to post here soon. Here, I am just curling and cozying up in bed while she’s writing. *yawn* I guess it’s time for me to press the snooze button…Happy Caturday to you. Cuddles and kisses ♡♥♡♥♡


23 Mar 2014

Look who’s back!!!

Maw have been away to visit Mawie (Aunt) Dara and Low-Low (Grandma) Dan in Vienna. She came back sick and coughing. Been a little while she has not written any until this weekend. I think she’s better (well I hope so). She’s coughing from time to time but didn’t stop her from giving me cuddles and giving me belly rubs. She still boops my nose and this time I don’t mind (just so to make her smile). I’m glad Maw is writing (and re-writing) her beautiful pieces of words again. Paw is as happy too.

Stick around and do give me a cuddle when you visit the site. Cheerio!!!


03 April 2014

Here I am trying to give Maw-Maw some inspiration. I’m hoping this book will show her the way. She must have bought this for a reason. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.


12 Apr 2014

Here’s MawMaw and I today. She looks happy (although sleepy from staying up late) after writing. She keeps taking pictures of me and her then playing with the photos. I better hide from her…I need my catnap you know. I hope you enjoy her new work, Meow….


09 Aug 2014

Meow-llo to you all there!!!

Been so long I have not said “Hello”. Let’s just say… “I have been hiding and found a comfy place to hide.” This picture does not tell you I’m hiding though. As a matter of fact, Maw-Maw is next to me. It’s a little too warm in my hiding place I had to share with her the fan…hehehe.

Maw have not written anything at this moment. She keeps on and on about being stuck…that she can’t get it right. She talks about having all the words but somehow it’s not in the right places…that reading her words makes no sense. I really don’t know what she meant because I can’t read…hahaha. I hope she gets to write again.

Until then, stay tuned and watch this space. Meow meow (^-^)


Here I am reaching Maw’s paws.


Maw’s paws holding mine. Aren’t we cute?


And of course, here’s Maw giving me a nose boop!


10 Dec 2014
5.33 pm

I have now left earth and moved on to Rainbow Bridge to play with other kitties.
Please remember me and think of me. If you meet other fur babies who needs rescuing and love, do give them that. I had 14 wonderful and happy years with my Maw-Maw…full of love, cuddles and kisses. I will be her angel and will watch over her from up there.
If you have fur babies, please know how much we appreciate your love and how much you mean the world to us in our own special way.

Good night and goodbye….I will see you again someday.



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