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I am just different

In a box of skittles you find the colours of the rainbow 
Amongst the colours each one have that special taste – acquired or not

Each piece have a sense of smell and aroma may it be sour or sweet

Each one of us will then pick first a favourite then the next best thing

Which one will you pick?
If blue can be a blueberry, a grape 

and a mix of blackberries

Red a raspberry, a cherry or could be a strawberry

Green is either a honeydew, a kiwi and maybe as sour as a lime

Yellow as sweet as mangoes, a persimmon and a slice of pineapple

Orange will be just orange or some cape gooseberries and apricots

Which one will you choose? 
What I am saying is, whatever you pick – sweet, bitter or sour

Whichever you choose, will that change who you are?

Whenever you like a pickle or two and a sweet apple pie to chew

Is it about what you like to look amongst the cluster or a crate?

Or is it about how you feel and the mien of that moment in time?
In life we make our own choices – an extract of our sense

Every day when we make that choice would mean we take a chance

In chances we find a moment to dare to plunge – whatever the odds

In that moment when we dare, we feel different – we are distinct

In being different we see a difference of who we are and what we can be – peculiar and unique

And in a gallery of skittles a passionfruit is flavoured to differ from the horde of our true essence. 
24 Jun 2017

12:50 pm 

Why this metaphor? I was on a flight from Vienna to London today and was sat next to two young girls. The flight was almost occupied by students – a group of them. 

Whatever the whispers going on between the two of them and that certain look thereafter – I may be just assuming it all but they definitely made me feel uncomfortable … just because I am different. 

~ Anjamariela ~

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Why, I Love You? (This is Us)

Why, I love you?
Because you annoy me and deliberately makes it a point to annoy me any moment in time…
Because you make me smile at the way you do thoughtful gestures or even say stupid things…
Because you make me laugh everytime you argue with the TV or the magazine you read just because…
Because you make me giggle whenever you talk to yourself of “how amazing I am” loudly making sure I hear it…
Because you just make me happy.

Why, I love you?
Whenever you say “You’re safe” and wrap me so tight in your arms…
Whenever you tell me “You’re a little trouble” and playfully pinch my cheeks…
Whenever you ask me “You need anything?” I know I’m gonna be okay…
Whenever you feel I need some “me time” you still make sure I’m comfortable and warm…
Whenever you do, as long as you’re there, I am happy.

Why, I love you?
With your strength and your sense of positivity, I find a rock and a shoulder to lean on…
With every hopes and dreams that we share means a journey of a lifetime…
With every blueprint of adventures drawn together means we will face it hand in hand…
With faith for whatever may be ahead of us means we work as a team – as one…
With you and I, we make it through -whenever or just because we are happy.
Simply, that way is why I love you!

10 February 2017


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A Piece of Me 

There is that moment in silence you want to seize time
There is that time in solitude you want to stop moving

There is that chaos in your head when chance becomes an experience

And that every chance it forms into a journey of life.

In my life’s journey, I know I’ve made mistakes but I learned to grow

In my daily living, I felt weak yet I’ve found strength to stand up

In my everyday routine, I’ve struggled still I kept looking for challenges to test me

In my waking hours, I was about to quit but faith kept me going

And at each of these moments I have discovered how blessed I am and have always been.

At the start of each adventure I have found a life I belong

Together, we made promises and breathe that same oath

Together, we discovered our dreams and will thrive to build that drawn plan

Together, we unfolded the same hope and will hold on to fate

And together, we created a family -of friendship, love and a lifetime.

The pieces of recollections are values that bind my soul

The part of each travel are experiences that mold me who I am now

The steps I have taken are my chosen path no matter how hard or where it takes me

The decisions I have made are tests to my limits and boundaries

As each connection unfolds, another chapter of me opens to welcome the next story of myself and I.

A recollection of my life. My birthday tomorrow!! So much to thank for ❤️

14 January 2017

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A Shadow’s Memory

One October day, someone gave me an old shoe box… something’s moving

I wasn’t sure what the ocassion was but i was thankful for the gift…and curious

As i slowly opened the cover… there i saw  a stare

Green eyes looking back… scared and questioning ‘Who are you? Where am I?’ At that moment, i knew you are mine.
You are one frightened creature… aloof and alone

You are one tiny living thing… who lived in fear and in so much pain

But from then, I promised you… you will be happy

From then, i told myself… you will be free

From then, until your last breath… you my little girl will be loved and always.
It took a lot of patience and time… for you to be near me

It took a lot of scratches and patches… for you to be held

It took a lot of courage and will… for you to come out from the dark

It took a lot of waiting and sneaking… for you to be seen out of your shell

When finally the moment came, as I cuddled you close to my heart… you gave me your trust.
Two years on, I can tell you… i still cuddle you in my dreams

I still hear your purring as you nestle on my chest… i still hold you tight

I smile at every chance I think of you… that when i see other cats i know you’re amongst them

I look at your pictures, i giggle at the memories of 14 years… of mischiefs and adventures

My Shadow, my little girl… no days are gone without you being missed

But knowing you’re happy… that thought will keep the days going with you in my heart!

Written: 09 Dec 2016 at 09:59

Remembering my muse… my little girl, Shadow. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 10 Dec 2014

Missing you,


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When the snow fails to fall


When the snow fails to fall
The celebration seem like a fleeting glance
The festive season came to pass – glided and sailed away
It felt like a distant memory of a yesterday’s dream.

When the snow fails to fall
The excitement of every game to play is hollow and distant
The anticipation of waiting is a lost battle and entangled in between
For that one special moment now becomes the same ordinary day.

When the snow fails to fall
Imagine the feeling of wintry mist as every laughter warms the air
Children playing snow angels as Mr Snowman smile in delight
With every grown up join in the merriment as they clutch balls of snow to throw.

When the snow fails to fall
There is that little child’s dream shifting to a mirage
Whispers of prayers heeding  for a snow flake to drizzle
That tonight as they lay to sleep when they wake up a blanket of white covers every street.

When the snow fails to fall
There is that ‘maybe’ in every heart’s wishes
As the sleigh in the corner awaits for a joyride
A sigh is uttered, if not today ‘maybe’ then tomorrow I will dream again.

29 Dec 2015
Vienna, Austria
12.21 pm

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One Winter Holiday


A foggy morning enveloped the skies above me
Whilst walking along the streets of Christmas Market
The quiet and empty spaces seem so enviting as roasted chesnuts start to fill the air
A few people coming and going, checking and nosing around
In every stand of little things and keepsakes up for last minute shopping.

The morning dew smells like fresh drops of winter
The chilly breeze bringing sweetness to each breath I take
Violins playing in every corner street as passers by stop to listen
Holiday cheers unfolding as carols can be heard in every stores and shop
That as the day breaks into noon, the once quiet place is filled with harmonious titters.

The silence now broken with the festive sound of angels’ choir
Strangers greeting one another as children smile from ear to ear
Traces of excitement in their eyes as they count the hours left to sleep
Lights surround from nook to nook as bells ringing to the wind’s whispers
While Jolly Old St. Nick’s rosy cheeks lifts the young and old into high spirits.

The wintertide radiate in every child and child at heart into dreaming
That every yearning is filled with the magic of love
There is that longing for beautiful surprises to look forward to
That as soon as Jack Frost bids farewell chances are, tomorrow hope springs
For there’s another winter break to await with pocketful of lists and  a handful of wishes to make.

26 Dec 2015
Vienna, Austria

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Rainbows and Puddles


The clouds looking so sad as loneliness trace each line
The wind is gushing and every whisper shivers
I can feel its pain and the turmoil inside
The sky is like a blanket of gray with what’s left of the light
It feels heavy as its tears are ready to let go.

Staring blankly from my window
The weather seems duplicating my emotions
I looked deeply into the darkness
Somehow I want to find a glimpse of heaven
Somewhere I want to find a glimmer of a shadow.

I started reminiscing the moments of you and I
I recounted the times we had together – the good and the bad
When you were my company of pursuits and day dreaming
When you helped design my written ideas into pictures
When you swayed my goals and painted it into a reality.

I began to find myself smiling at the recollection of you
My tears flowing not because I am sad but because I feel blessed
I had you maybe for a short time but those were moments of true love
You’ve taught me how to dream and be inspired of simple things
You’ve showed me how to love patiently even if it takes time.

The rain has stopped and the sun’s up to glitter and shine
I can see the rainbow as the white clouds covers the skies
I peeped through with a hope of seeing you once again – just this time
There I saw at the rainbow’s edge –  You staring back with that same look of love
There, I know that even up there you will still paint my dreams with me.

For my Shadow….1 year on 10th Dec.
Always in my heart my little girl.

6 Dec 2015
20.56 pm