When the snow fails to fall

When the snow fails to fall The celebration seem like a fleeting glance The festive season came to pass – glided and sailed away It felt like a distant memory of a yesterday’s dream. When the snow fails to fall The excitement of every game to play is hollow and distant The anticipation of waiting […]

Love is to Forever

There are a hundred things I imagine  –  like serendipity A hundred more reasons why I keep dreaming a dream A hundred times over to wish upon a star And another hundred to hope that there will be a day For hundreds and hundreds of thoughts I will find you one day. There are a […]

The Moonlight’s Ballad

The sunset wrapped the day in animated colours A scenic sight to end the day of rush and surge While the moon starts rising to a crescendo of light A spark of rhythm and drumbeat echoes along Capturing the subdued soul of the daylight’s hymn. The resonant moon glare in the orbit’s shanty Painting a […]


So many questions – doubts and fears clouding her mind The why’s and the how’s creeping inside – it makes no sense at all The what’s and the where’s – blocking every thoughts blurring her sanity The could it be’s and the maybe’s – wavering like the seas crushing every sand castles delicately made And […]

A Sky Seeker

The dawn breaks with a glimmer of the moonlight The smell of fresh dew moistens the air The soft breeze cupped my face – calm and collected As I closed my eyes to embrace the new day A smile traces like a serene hymn of my every heartbeat. The vastness of the skies gently beckons […]

The Symphony

The hum of the season, a sign of spring hue A strum of the tree branch danced and sway A beat of the leaves and bough fuse Like a rhythm of wind, a soft breeze underlay. The birds in its warm nest chirped and tweet The bees buzzing towards each colorful blossom’s arc The caterpillars […]