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When the snow fails to fall


When the snow fails to fall
The celebration seem like a fleeting glance
The festive season came to pass – glided and sailed away
It felt like a distant memory of a yesterday’s dream.

When the snow fails to fall
The excitement of every game to play is hollow and distant
The anticipation of waiting is a lost battle and entangled in between
For that one special moment now becomes the same ordinary day.

When the snow fails to fall
Imagine the feeling of wintry mist as every laughter warms the air
Children playing snow angels as Mr Snowman smile in delight
With every grown up join in the merriment as they clutch balls of snow to throw.

When the snow fails to fall
There is that little child’s dream shifting to a mirage
Whispers of prayers heedingĀ  for a snow flake to drizzle
That tonight as they lay to sleep when they wake up a blanket of white covers every street.

When the snow fails to fall
There is that ‘maybe’ in every heart’s wishes
As the sleigh in the corner awaits for a joyride
A sigh is uttered, if not today ‘maybe’ then tomorrow I will dream again.

29 Dec 2015
Vienna, Austria
12.21 pm

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Love is to Forever


There are a hundred things I imagine  –  like serendipity
A hundred more reasons why I keep dreaming a dream
A hundred times over to wish upon a star
And another hundred to hope that there will be a day
For hundreds and hundreds of thoughts I will find you one day.

There are a thousand moments I can think of – each happy moments
A thousand more of laughter – of silly things we do
A thousand times over to dreams – the plans we make together
And another thousand to fill our life with memories – in any kind of weather
For thousands and thousands of keepsakes – I treasure it with you.

There are a million stories to write – on our journey together
A million more is added – pictures to cherish and fill us
A million times over for trust and a promise – the life we choose
And another million to courage – a rock to every fall
For millions and millions to lifetime – love is forever, you and I.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
22 Jul 2014

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The Moonlight’s Ballad


The sunset wrapped the day in animated colours
A scenic sight to end the day of rush and surge
While the moon starts rising to a crescendo of light
A spark of rhythm and drumbeat echoes along
Capturing the subdued soul of the daylight’s hymn.

The resonant moon glare in the orbit’s shanty
Painting a blaze of melancholic ambience and sweet sounds
A spellbinding lamp serenading the nightfall sublime
It’s radiance filled the phantom and somber eventide
Resigned to its full luminescent shaded chant.

Picturesque and salient, glows a poetic dream
An orchestra ignites the subtle hue to clear the day’s air
The glare of twilight envelop a sensuous refrain
A portrait of harmony to a poignant lyrical reverie
Seducing sundown to a submissive solace of acoustic flight.

The kaleidoscope became a replica of a daydream’s chord
Wholly, its gleam revives a sphere of the soothing cello
Flushed with a tune of divine tonic, glowing deeply into the skies
The bright silhouette uplifting the soul of a gloaming harp
It ignites the chorus resembling a graphic panorama of tinted rays.

The dusk glimmers to a resplendent arrangement of vividness
The soft tinge transfixing an acapella, savouring a dream
The lantern’s flame, lavishly brightens the darkened space
Illuminating regally to its perfect charm and grace
Poised to play a lullaby…the ballad of the night’s prayer and a melody of a heart’s daze.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
With a little help from a friend
1st April 2011

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So many questions – doubts and fears clouding her mind
The why’s and the how’s creeping inside – it makes no sense at all
The what’s and the where’s – blocking every thoughts blurring her sanity
The could it be’s and the maybe’s – wavering like the seas crushing every sand castles delicately made
And the but’s and yet’s echoes – like a whirl of a storm along the toxic waters.

The journey taken isn’t straight and narrow
The path? – Walking is like an uphill battle and the climb so steep
The tunnel seem endless and tiring – the light is too far ahead
Each step is heavy – her feet feels like being dragged in chains
With every move she feels nauseated – intoxicated as her blood runs through every part of her.

Asking all the questions – there she finds a glimmer of hope peeking
Putting all the answers – there she finds her faith along the way
Taking the journey – there she finds her unmarked courage soaring
Gathering all the strength – there she finds her spirit set free
And finding her soul – she discovered real love and living.

In her eyes – I see pain behind every smile
In her smile – I sense loneliness and the whispered prayer
In her prayers – I hear her silent cries and ardent wishes
In her wishes and every tear – I can feel true strength and real courage
And in that strength…in her courage – there I have found a pure heart showing love like no other.

For Daldel
Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
8 Mar 2014

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A Sky Seeker


The dawn breaks with a glimmer of the moonlight
The smell of fresh dew moistens the air
The soft breeze cupped my face – calm and collected
As I closed my eyes to embrace the new day
A smile traces like a serene hymn of my every heartbeat.

The vastness of the skies gently beckons my soul
The clouds jointly form a sign of welcome
The subtle flow of time searched my unguarded thoughts
As I take a deep breath to smell the call of a new journey
A hand tenderly held mine like a tranquil wind.

The sun begins to rise from its slumber
The ray tamed my anxious melancholy
The warmth graciously lifts and cuddles my sorrow
As I stared blankly to search for a new horizon
A long gaze glistens into my eyes like the radiant sun.

The day has begun calling a silent reverie
The sweet voice of comfort migrating high above like a bluebird
The flight of a songbird soaring like a free spirit towards the limitless sky
As I took a step to start seeking new adventures
Another step carefully moved beside me like a swift wing.

The world awaits as the skies surfaced in grandeur
The sound of the wind summons with a challenge
The call of the clouds signals to pursue my purpose
That as I answered with determined faith to a new destiny
A gentle voice uttered the words of strength and a promise – towards the summit skies.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
25 Jan 2011

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When Spring Comes


The dawn has come and the night slowly ended –
The stillness of the world has brought a sublime calmness –
The subtlety of the wind stroking the branches of the trees –
The birds chirped in harmony as they nestled in comfort –
Day has the sun has risen to its throne –
As the moon bade farewell to its rest with a promise for later.

My sleepy mind is awakened by the sweet melody of the morning –
I tossed and turned..feeling lazy to get up –
My cozy bed cuing me to stay with its warmth –
I curled under the sheets..cuddled my pillow for some console –
Though my eyes still thoughts had strayed away –
Beckoning my senses to open up and stretch out –
I blinked, then for a moment i found myself saying, “This is gonna be a good day!”

Daylight has now slowly welcome its grace –
The ray lit my room with colors of perfection –
Clocks had chimed and tic-toc to its fitting time –
Busy streets..horns and beeps signals a start of another day –
People in their “Hellos” and “Goodbyes”..I can imagine their waves and smiles –
One portrait of an inspiring break of a new season on a one fine day.

In a spur..I smiled, hopped and whistled a happy tune –
I drew my curtains to look relish the day –
The fresh air wiped my face with an awakening –
The soft ray of light from the morning sun bathe me with newness –
The birds on the treetop with their harmony nestled in my thoughts –
Today, I am starting life with a hope that it’s all gonna be OK!

The trees are starting to show its shade of green, I noticed –
Flowers blossomed to its exquisite site to see –
Bees and ladybirds passing, dancing and prancing for a sip of sweetness to its risen buds –
The smell of the freshly cut grass sank deeply into my senses –
And the air blowing my thoughts anew with zest –
While the sun stretched its magnificent vigor, I felt it cuddling me to safety.

I summoned my thoughts back to reality, facing a promise of a better day-
As I walked with inspiration, still caught and entangled in a daydream –
I gathered and scrapped all the picturesque stories to tell and live by –
Of one springtime where new things casts new beginnings –
For yet another day..another horizon..another hope for the next spring time!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
28 Dec 2010

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The Symphony


The hum of the season, a sign of spring hue
A strum of the tree branch danced and sway
A beat of the leaves and bough fuse
Like a rhythm of wind, a soft breeze underlay.

The birds in its warm nest chirped and tweet
The bees buzzing towards each colorful blossom’s arc
The caterpillars now soaring as elegant butterflies fleet
And the methodical ants slowly, gently in line marched.

While I watched this grandeur, just this very moment
My heart throbbed and beat like a drum
I closed my eyes to feel a deep fathom of thoughts
There I found a melody, a rhyme for me to sum.

Words softly formed like chains of notes
The pulse glided and flowing from within my soul
Then tenderly the lyrics becoming a story floats
The symphony, a serenade from my heart and a melody of my soul for you.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
19 March 2011