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Why, I Love You? (This is Us)

Why, I love you?
Because you annoy me and deliberately makes it a point to annoy me any moment in time…
Because you make me smile at the way you do thoughtful gestures or even say stupid things…
Because you make me laugh everytime you argue with the TV or the magazine you read just because…
Because you make me giggle whenever you talk to yourself of “how amazing I am” loudly making sure I hear it…
Because you just make me happy.

Why, I love you?
Whenever you say “You’re safe” and wrap me so tight in your arms…
Whenever you tell me “You’re a little trouble” and playfully pinch my cheeks…
Whenever you ask me “You need anything?” I know I’m gonna be okay…
Whenever you feel I need some “me time” you still make sure I’m comfortable and warm…
Whenever you do, as long as you’re there, I am happy.

Why, I love you?
With your strength and your sense of positivity, I find a rock and a shoulder to lean on…
With every hopes and dreams that we share means a journey of a lifetime…
With every blueprint of adventures drawn together means we will face it hand in hand…
With faith for whatever may be ahead of us means we work as a team – as one…
With you and I, we make it through -whenever or just because we are happy.
Simply, that way is why I love you!

10 February 2017


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So many things…


There are so many things clouding over me
I want to tell you in different ways, to no avail
So many things I want to say for my head to open up
So many things, but then my heart could not utter
The many things I just want and need to.

There are things I keep on playing in my head
The words scrambled in different angles
I don’t know which way to tell you
I can’t find a chance, a space nor a time to say
Because my heart says another way.

So many things in my heart that feels pain
There’s that emotion of turmoil and questions
I know in my heart you are real and pure
I know in your heart you are sincere and true
Yet there are things you do I don’t understand.

There are many things you have said
Many things I consider and hold in my heart
Yet there are things you say so much but never do
The things you say differs from the things you do
Things you cannot see to change nor need to be.

Tonight laying down next to you, many things come to mind
Things I have asked my heart while my head thinks
I have asked my heart, “Are you feeling okay?”
My mind in a muddle, feeling lost in a battle
So many things I don’t want to regret in the end
Tonight I want to ask, “Can you, out of many things I say make just one thing right?”

05 Jul 2015

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Seems like a Fairy Tale…


Scanning through the pages deciding on which meal to order
The picture looks so appetizing and is enticing my palate
It made my mouth water and so as my stomach complaining of hunger
The smell of the aroma  inside the place is captivating, I thought
The buzzing sounds in the room felt lyrical as each one catches up to the days’ end.

While I browse through the menu, I felt a tingling sensation – sent shivers to my spine
A pair of eyes intently gazes through the laminated brochure
I giggled like a little girl covering my flushed face with the colourful cardboard 
You looked up with the sweetest smile and asked, “What’s funny?”
I replied with a gush in my voice saying “Nothing” as I reached out to gently cup your face.

The meal was delicious, the atmosphere romantic and the music nostalgic
We left the place, walked hand in hand like we are in a slow dance
The street lamps in array as the moon displayed its magnificence
The stars flicked like chandeliers across the evening sky
You wrapped your arm around my waist and pulled me close to you as passersby looked in amazement.

Being held by you without a care in the world felt so enchanting
As I rest my head on your shoulders I whispered, “I’m yours and always.”
You gently lifted my head with a loving stare piercing through my soul and said, “And I am yours forever.”
I looked back – my hand on your chest, I can hear our hearts’ beautiful rhythm
As the night bear witness to a one magical moment of a fairytale love to remember.

13 Nov. 2014
7.36 pm

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It’s 2 AM


It’s 2 am – the night’s over as dawn and cold wind fills the air
I’m still wide awake – feeling chilly under the sheets
I pulled the blanket tighter to hopefully cover the draft
I tossed and turned to find a perfect pose to sleep
No matter how I try the bed  still feels hollow and empty.

It’s 2 am – my eyes still searching for a way
The void I feel inside is exhausting me – it’s frustrating
There’s this anxious feeling of waiting for tomorrow to come
I clutched the pillow next to me as I looked at the vacant spot
Running my hand on your crumpled space thinking how much I miss you.

It’s 2 am – I stared at my phone wishing you’ve read my mind
There is that silent prayer – that maybe you woke up thinking of me
There is that whispered hope – that maybe you’re missing me
There is that spark of warmth – that you dreamt of me
Just a “Hello” will be enough for me to shut my eyes.

It’s 2 am – I decided to try as I am getting jaded
Then suddenly I hear a ring – I’ve got a message
I felt butterflies in my stomach – a sweet tingling in my ear
Excitedly I checked – a note from you saying, “Hush little one and close your eyes, I’m here.”
It’s 3 am – tightly I cuddled your pillow, now I’m off to beautiful slumber deep.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
26 Aug 2014

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Summer is over


The ray of the sun is striking – my eyes are hurting as it warms my face
Maybe because I’m sat right at the sun’s heat
I tried to use my hand to shield me – it gave a little relief
But I got tired from holding my arm up – I’m just tired altogether
But it doesn’t matter now – the sun will be down soon.

I’ve been up all night – now it’s the morning after
I’ve waited for you – you said you’ll be home soon yet you’re not
I could not sleep without you beside me – I got used to having you next to me
Spent the whole night counting the stars as it falls
But then it doesn’t matter now – the sun will set soon.

Tears started to fall all over again – I can’t understand why
When you left you just said, “I’ll see you tonight.”
Tonight became morning – you were a no show
I kept searching for reasons – I reached for answers
But it doesn’t matter – the sun will be gone soon.

I sobbed at the thought of us – summer was great
We made promises to each other – made plans for tomorrow
Recounting our moments together – I realised summer was different
I kept to my illusions – to stop myself from hurting
But it doesn’t matter now – the sun is slowly descending soon.

I wiped my tears away – trying to face reality
You are never coming back – you have traded me, you chose her
The lies and deceit – are obvious reasons why you run away
For one last time – I watched the sun set from afar to say “Goodbye”
And it doesn’t matter now – the sun will rise tomorrow and so will I.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
25 Aug 2014

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Because when…


Because when…
You look at me I have shivers in my spine
Your eyes says the words I really want to find
As I look back, I can see your soul reaching out
A moment I feel your heart beating together with mine.

Because when…
You smile it melts my doubts away
It tells me a real story of your hopes and your life
As you utter words “I love you” tells me how much you do
I hear your promise of tomorrow and a life with you.

Because when…
Your embrace confines my fears and lock me to a secure place
In your arms I am safe- it is where I feel a reason to trust
As we hold each others hand for hours we never let go
Together we make a journey wherever it takes us.

Because when…
I’m missing you, I think of you in every way
A puzzle solved and souls bound to meet
Our imperfections make us just as perfect
A beautiful picture and a dream of an ever after.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
24 August 2014

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Just Maybe


Just maybe…
I am no longer that someone
Not that special you go crazy about
Not the same person you like to spend time with
Just maybe, I guess.

Just maybe…
I am too much to contend with
Too much to live with as the days passes by
Too much to listen to with so little to talk about
Just maybe, I thought.

Just maybe…
You have other things important than I
Other things to come first as I am now the last
Other people to speak to and places you rather be
Just maybe, I’m lost.

Just maybe…
I am too emotional that I am unreasonable
Feelings stirring my mind to be irrational
Feelings creating doubts to be dejected
Just maybe, I feel alone.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
22 Aug 2014