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I am just different

In a box of skittles you find the colours of the rainbow 
Amongst the colours each one have that special taste – acquired or not

Each piece have a sense of smell and aroma may it be sour or sweet

Each one of us will then pick first a favourite then the next best thing

Which one will you pick?
If blue can be a blueberry, a grape 

and a mix of blackberries

Red a raspberry, a cherry or could be a strawberry

Green is either a honeydew, a kiwi and maybe as sour as a lime

Yellow as sweet as mangoes, a persimmon and a slice of pineapple

Orange will be just orange or some cape gooseberries and apricots

Which one will you choose? 
What I am saying is, whatever you pick – sweet, bitter or sour

Whichever you choose, will that change who you are?

Whenever you like a pickle or two and a sweet apple pie to chew

Is it about what you like to look amongst the cluster or a crate?

Or is it about how you feel and the mien of that moment in time?
In life we make our own choices – an extract of our sense

Every day when we make that choice would mean we take a chance

In chances we find a moment to dare to plunge – whatever the odds

In that moment when we dare, we feel different – we are distinct

In being different we see a difference of who we are and what we can be – peculiar and unique

And in a gallery of skittles a passionfruit is flavoured to differ from the horde of our true essence. 
24 Jun 2017

12:50 pm 

Why this metaphor? I was on a flight from Vienna to London today and was sat next to two young girls. The flight was almost occupied by students – a group of them. 

Whatever the whispers going on between the two of them and that certain look thereafter – I may be just assuming it all but they definitely made me feel uncomfortable … just because I am different. 

~ Anjamariela ~

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It’s past midnite and I’m still up…

I could hear my heart beating…

My thoughts racing about anything…

My mind mapping out about tomorrow…

There’s a sense of dread and a handful of doubts…

Of what tomorrow brings or what I will be facing…

Yes, tomorrow is another week of laughter yet 

there lies torment of clouds in what I do…

The smile and the laughter is my mask to cover my vulnerabilities…

The silver linings clings and overwhelms my soul…

I want to shout but I can’t as there are issues other than me…

I want to say something but my eyes see more pain that I have…

Now I guess I am lost… I am drowned… and I am broken.

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Looking back


The year is ending –  it has been a rollercoaster ride.
So much has happened – many have come and gone
I can not fathom – some questions left unanswered and some has.

Remembering, some were filled with dismay – the fear of losing, the pain of loss and the feeling of surrender.
Days became weeks and then months, I came across the silver linings of life.
Down on my knees with only a prayer to hold on to – I let it lead me.

Reminiscing, I have found strength but I have witnessed courage.
I have seen hope at each passing days and nights when life remained on a stand still.
I have felt faith through watching every pain and tear.

Looking back, I have learnt from someone’s soul through their eyes.
I have been shown light and a glimpse of the rainbow.
I have sensed comfort through every fall and a hand through which I stand.

In my reflection, I have so much to thank for – I call my blessings.
I have a knit – may not be in the same place but tied tightly to reach another
I have angels – my special stars to shine brightly in the skies when I’m in the dark.

While contemplating, my heart is filled with thanksgiving.
I have my own compass to hold on to each step of every journey
I have a guide to get me through thick and thin…through joys and pain.

God is my North – the centre of my being
Family is my South -the love of my life and I turn to no matter what the odds
True friends – my West to which I hope I can lean on when I need to
Myself is the East – the balance to self, a walk to life and a gift of living.

Anja-Mariela G.
31 Dec 2014

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Feeling exhausted from the days that don’t seem to end
From the beginning of work week there goes the endless task
From when I start there is that hope for a good week
From that moment there is that notion of counting hours and soon counting days.

Reeling over the days as it slowly passes by
Rain or shine the weather just comes to capture its purpose
Restless nights becomes a thing of the past
Relieved and relaxed to completing the list of errands at hand.

In so many ways I start to make my plans
I imagine how I will be spending my time off – away from it all
I picture myself in a hammock between palm trees swaying to the breeze
I can see the waves rushing and touching the sand as the sound fills the air.

Danced in the moonlight as the stars flicker like diamond lights
Dancing barefeet as my feet feels the soft sand that tickles my toes
Dusk til dawn nature’s sound will be chanting like a lullaby
Day rises to its fullest and shines to another magical play.

As I fill my hours with these happy thoughts
Another hour is completed, another minute fulfilled
As I hear the clock ticking in motion, every second is moving on
Another moment of excitement draws me nearer to going home.

Yet today may be just a thought that crossed my mind
Yesterday’s bad day is just another day gone
Yearning to fill my days with beautiful scenes and places
Yes today is almost over and tomorrow is mine to take away as it comes.

12 Sep 2014

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So many things I want to say
Emotions in my heart wrapped together
Thoughts in my head in line ready in  time
And words in my mouth formed in unison
But there is no one here besides myself
So here, I’m wishing.

There are things I want to do
Pieces of puzzles to put together
My hands are ready to lay them out
My brain all set to solve each part
My eyes all clear to see it complete
Yet here, I’m wishing.

A lot of things I want to see
A list written with a smiley face
A tick box on the side to go through as I go along
Excitement engulfing my thoughts
That these will be something I wanted
But still, I’m wishing.

All the places I want to go
Somewhere I want to just sit back and relax
A nook where I can gather thoughts
A corner to find inspiration and discoveries
As my mind maps each passing hour
Here I am, finding.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
22 Aug 2014

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Once upon a blue moonlight
I stowed away my shattered heart
Locked every drop of tears and shot of pain into a box
Threw away the key with a hope that maybe it will be found
To unlock the box and put the pieces of my heart.

Once upon a beautiful sunrise
I am bewitched by its glory and strength
The golden light bathing my soul with faith
And every ray of sun I see – there is a life and a reason to living
That every wish I make – believing in chances to take.

Once upon an orange sunset
I see not just hope but another dream and another song
As the evening slowly comes to an end I patiently await
For tonight as the stars light up the skies – in my silent whispers
There is tomorrow – a day to make moments to live by.

Once upon another moonlight
That yesterdays dream –  my heart will soon find love
There is that certain someone with a lost key to unlock the box
The once broken pieces will be put back and made whole
Held with a promise to bind our hearts as one soul.

Anja-Mariela G.
20 June 2014

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Colours of Life


Life has many colours – different meanings in different angles
Life at times is difficult to understand -difficult to reach and makes us wonder
But looking outside in we accept – life can be a rainbow of dreams
It teaches us lessons – make us realise its beauty
It makes us glow – to whatever darkness we may be in
It makes us grow – to finding our strength when we thought we have lost.

White – emptiness and fragile – a devoid of extreme highs or lows
Life living in stillness – a quiet calm and a vacant spot of silence
A pause for time – to surface when needed
A chance for change – an unmasking of mood
A slow moving of one’s state of mind.

Black – is darkness like a sombre in hue
A passion gone – cold and calculating
A struggle of faith for a bleak of hope – a shadow of notion
A blemish of perfection in life – desolate of emotions
A feeling of fear and a battle of doubts inside.

Yellow and Gold – some call it jealousy
I call it a new day – a new horizon
The sun has risen – a new hope has arrived
It sends waves of passion – a renewal of accepting new challenges
Filled with new defenses – a rage for living life.

Green – the earth’s unripened sphere
The trees are its warriors to guard nature’s offsprings
As the leaves changes every season
Its roots have claimed the land
And the grass blankets the world – to keep us grounded.

Blue – clear skies and deep settled seas
A peaceful resemblance of a blank canvas
A transparent crisp iced water – refreshing and tranquil
A tune of freedom – a serene blend of enchantment
It is the silence of the psyche – an unperturbed distance of the mind.

Red – the colour of blood flowing deep
A source of energy and emotions
A palpating sound of our every depth
In every beat sends impulses to our thoughts – the desires of the heart
In a momentum – there is that sense of warmth within our soul.

Life is not always easy – its a profound depth of living
It is a continuous process – of aiming, losing  and winning
It is a constant battle of wants and needs – of hopes and dreams
Life in the end is our blank paper – to design and create
And our life becomes our masterpiece – a priceless possession.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written: 1994 and 2014