Amazing Graces

The sun starts to rise to its glory The squirrels running towards the trees with nuts to bury As birds in choir hum their morning song Trees are dancing to the tune with branches swinging along I tapped my feet, snapped my fingers created lyrics to the song Come sing with me, and feel the […]

The Skyscrapper

Look up… See the vastness of the blue blanket Gaze at the cotton clouds form  Search for the deep color of peace And wrap yourself around in velvet hue.   Look on… The sun rises to its subtled peak The birds flock to reach and seek The wind blowing gently on your cheek And lull […]

If Ever…

If ever… I meet you somewhere, someday, somehow Your face will light up  with such tender avow Your eyes will be looking – searching well for a mile But all I will see is your gentle sweet smile. If ever… You say “Hello”  just once I will be hearing your heart in every bounce And […]

Wish Upon

Wish upon a setting sun, to its colour’s of mystical solace A painted wonder in awe of the masterpiece’s charming face The night’s apparition, a horizon coveting to its place The glitter of lights, strikes a captive embrace For the day breaks to the sunset’s welcome gaze. Wish upon a moonlight, to its glow like […]

When I’m Missing You

When I’m missing you I have my hand on my heart I’d listen to every beat from the start I’d close my eyes to make me feel To see your face and see you smile for real. When I’m missing you I’d imagine tracing your face and sigh Your eyes I’d be searching to drift […]

You and Me

You and me, serendipity met Me and you, we simply connect   You and me, in our eyes we see Me and you, felt it meant to be   You and me, find in each other’s arms Me and you, together safe from harm   You and me, discover each other’s life Me and you, […]