In a box of skittles you seem to find the colours of the rainbow

Amongst the colours each one have that special taste – acquired and not

Each piece have a sense of smell and aroma may it be sour or sweet

Each one of us will then pick first a favourite then the next best thing

Which one will you pick?
If blue can be a blueberry, a grape and a mix of a fig and a plum

Red a raspberry, a strawberry or could be a cherry in a bun

Green is either a honeydew, a kiwi and maybe as sour as a lime

Yellow as sweet as mangoes, a persimmon,  a slice of lemon and pineapple pie

Orange will be just orange with some cape gooseberries and tray of apricots on the loose

Which one will you choose?
What I am saying is, whatever you pick – sweet, bitter or sour

Whichever you choose, will that change who you are?

Whenever you like a pickle or two and a sweet apple pie to chew

Is it about what you like to look amongst the cluster or a crate of its dew?

Or is it about how you feel and the mien of that moment in time?
In life we make our own choices – an extract of our sense and sensibilities

Every day when we make that choice would mean we take a chance of our eccentricities

In chances we find a moment to dare to plunge whatever the odds – we take the shot

In that moment when we dare, we feel different – we are curious and can be extinct

In being different we see a difference of who we are and what we can be – peculiar yet unique

And in a gallery of skittles there is a passionfruit flavoured from the horde of our rarity.
24 Jun 2017

12:50 pm

Why this metaphor? I was on a flight from Vienna to London today and was sat next to two young girls. The flight was almost occupied by students – a group of them.

Whatever the whispers going on between the two of them and that certain look thereafter – I may be just assuming it all but they definitely made me feel uncomfortable … just because I am different.

~ Anjamariela ~