A Piece of Me 

There is that moment in silence you want to seize time
There is that time in solitude you want to stop moving

There is that chaos in your head when chance becomes an experience

And that every chance it forms into a journey of life.

In my life’s journey, I know I’ve made mistakes but I learned to grow

In my daily living, I felt weak yet I’ve found strength to stand up

In my everyday routine, I’ve struggled still I kept looking for challenges to test me

In my waking hours, I was about to quit but faith kept me going

And at each of these moments I have discovered how blessed I am and have always been.

At the start of each adventure I have found a life I belong

Together, we made promises and breathe that same oath

Together, we discovered our dreams and will thrive to build that drawn plan

Together, we unfolded the same hope and will hold on to fate

And together, we created a family -of friendship, love and a lifetime.

The pieces of recollections are values that bind my soul

The part of each travel are experiences that mold me who I am now

The steps I have taken are my chosen path no matter how hard or where it takes me

The decisions I have made are tests to my limits and boundaries

As each connection unfolds, another chapter of me opens to welcome the next story of myself and I.

A recollection of my life. My birthday tomorrow!! So much to thank for ❤️

14 January 2017


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