A Shadow’s Memory

One October day, someone gave me an old shoe box… something’s moving

I wasn’t sure what the ocassion was but i was thankful for the gift…and curious

As i slowly opened the cover… there i saw  a stare

Green eyes looking back… scared and questioning ‘Who are you? Where am I?’ At that moment, i knew you are mine.
You are one frightened creature… aloof and alone

You are one tiny living thing… who lived in fear and in so much pain

But from then, I promised you… you will be happy

From then, i told myself… you will be free

From then, until your last breath… you my little girl will be loved and always.
It took a lot of patience and time… for you to be near me

It took a lot of scratches and patches… for you to be held

It took a lot of courage and will… for you to come out from the dark

It took a lot of waiting and sneaking… for you to be seen out of your shell

When finally the moment came, as I cuddled you close to my heart… you gave me your trust.
Two years on, I can tell you… i still cuddle you in my dreams

I still hear your purring as you nestle on my chest… i still hold you tight

I smile at every chance I think of you… that when i see other cats i know you’re amongst them

I look at your pictures, i giggle at the memories of 14 years… of mischiefs and adventures

My Shadow, my little girl… no days are gone without you being missed

But knowing you’re happy… that thought will keep the days going with you in my heart!

Written: 09 Dec 2016 at 09:59

Remembering my muse… my little girl, Shadow. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 10 Dec 2014

Missing you,



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