One Winter Holiday


A foggy morning enveloped the skies above me
Whilst walking along the streets of Christmas Market
The quiet and empty spaces seem so enviting as roasted chesnuts start to fill the air
A few people coming and going, checking and nosing around
In every stand of little things and keepsakes up for last minute shopping.

The morning dew smells like fresh drops of winter
The chilly breeze bringing sweetness to each breath I take
Violins playing in every corner street as passers by stop to listen
Holiday cheers unfolding as carols can be heard in every stores and shop
That as the day breaks into noon, the once quiet place is filled with harmonious titters.

The silence now broken with the festive sound of angels’ choir
Strangers greeting one another as children smile from ear to ear
Traces of excitement in their eyes as they count the hours left to sleep
Lights surround from nook to nook as bells ringing to the wind’s whispers
While Jolly Old St. Nick’s rosy cheeks lifts the young and old into high spirits.

The wintertide radiate in every child and child at heart into dreaming
That every yearning is filled with the magic of love
There is that longing for beautiful surprises to look forward to
That as soon as Jack Frost bids farewell chances are, tomorrow hope springs
For there’s another winter break to await with pocketful of lists and  a handful of wishes to make.

26 Dec 2015
Vienna, Austria


2 thoughts on “One Winter Holiday”

  1. while reading the poem i was imagining walking the streets of Kaernerstrasse…a picture of Vienna on christmas holidays…masterfully done ma cheri 🙂 cheers!!! happy Xmas and a inspiring new year!

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