The clouds looking so sad as loneliness trace each line
The wind is gushing and every whisper shivers
I can feel its pain and the turmoil inside
The sky is like a blanket of gray with what’s left of the light
It feels heavy as its tears are ready to let go.

Staring blankly from my window
The weather seems duplicating my emotions
I looked deeply into the darkness
Somehow I want to find a glimpse of heaven
Somewhere I want to find a glimmer of a shadow.

I started reminiscing the moments of you and I
I recounted the times we had together – the good and the bad
When you were my company of pursuits and day dreaming
When you helped design my written ideas into pictures
When you swayed my goals and painted it into a reality.

I began to find myself smiling at the recollection of you
My tears flowing not because I am sad but because I feel blessed
I had you maybe for a short time but those were moments of true love
You’ve taught me how to dream and be inspired of simple things
You’ve showed me how to love patiently even if it takes time.

The rain has stopped and the sun’s up to glitter and shine
I can see the rainbow as the white clouds covers the skies
I peeped through with a hope of seeing you once again – just this time
There I saw at the rainbow’s edge –  You staring back with that same look of love
There, I know that even up there you will still paint my dreams with me.

For my Shadow….1 year on 10th Dec.
Always in my heart my little girl.

6 Dec 2015
20.56 pm