There are so many things clouding over me
I want to tell you in different ways, to no avail
So many things I want to say for my head to open up
So many things, but then my heart could not utter
The many things I just want and need to.

There are things I keep on playing in my head
The words scrambled in different angles
I don’t know which way to tell you
I can’t find a chance, a space nor a time to say
Because my heart says another way.

So many things in my heart that feels pain
There’s that emotion of turmoil and questions
I know in my heart you are real and pure
I know in your heart you are sincere and true
Yet there are things you do I don’t understand.

There are many things you have said
Many things I consider and hold in my heart
Yet there are things you say so much but never do
The things you say differs from the things you do
Things you cannot see to change nor need to be.

Tonight laying down next to you, many things come to mind
Things I have asked my heart while my head thinks
I have asked my heart, “Are you feeling okay?”
My mind in a muddle, feeling lost in a battle
So many things I don’t want to regret in the end
Tonight I want to ask, “Can you, out of many things I say make just one thing right?”

05 Jul 2015