The year is ending –  it has been a rollercoaster ride.
So much has happened – many have come and gone
I can not fathom – some questions left unanswered and some has.

Remembering, some were filled with dismay – the fear of losing, the pain of loss and the feeling of surrender.
Days became weeks and then months, I came across the silver linings of life.
Down on my knees with only a prayer to hold on to – I let it lead me.

Reminiscing, I have found strength but I have witnessed courage.
I have seen hope at each passing days and nights when life remained on a stand still.
I have felt faith through watching every pain and tear.

Looking back, I have learnt from someone’s soul through their eyes.
I have been shown light and a glimpse of the rainbow.
I have sensed comfort through every fall and a hand through which I stand.

In my reflection, I have so much to thank for – I call my blessings.
I have a knit – may not be in the same place but tied tightly to reach another
I have angels – my special stars to shine brightly in the skies when I’m in the dark.

While contemplating, my heart is filled with thanksgiving.
I have my own compass to hold on to each step of every journey
I have a guide to get me through thick and thin…through joys and pain.

God is my North – the centre of my being
Family is my South -the love of my life and I turn to no matter what the odds
True friends – my West to which I hope I can lean on when I need to
Myself is the East – the balance to self, a walk to life and a gift of living.

Anja-Mariela G.
31 Dec 2014