Scanning through the pages deciding on which meal to order
The picture looks so appetizing and is enticing my palate
It made my mouth water and so as my stomach complaining of hunger
The smell of the aroma  inside the place is captivating, I thought
The buzzing sounds in the room felt lyrical as each one catches up to the days’ end.

While I browse through the menu, I felt a tingling sensation – sent shivers to my spine
A pair of eyes intently gazes through the laminated brochure
I giggled like a little girl covering my flushed face with the colourful cardboard 
You looked up with the sweetest smile and asked, “What’s funny?”
I replied with a gush in my voice saying “Nothing” as I reached out to gently cup your face.

The meal was delicious, the atmosphere romantic and the music nostalgic
We left the place, walked hand in hand like we are in a slow dance
The street lamps in array as the moon displayed its magnificence
The stars flicked like chandeliers across the evening sky
You wrapped your arm around my waist and pulled me close to you as passersby looked in amazement.

Being held by you without a care in the world felt so enchanting
As I rest my head on your shoulders I whispered, “I’m yours and always.”
You gently lifted my head with a loving stare piercing through my soul and said, “And I am yours forever.”
I looked back – my hand on your chest, I can hear our hearts’ beautiful rhythm
As the night bear witness to a one magical moment of a fairytale love to remember.

13 Nov. 2014
7.36 pm