Feeling exhausted from the days that don’t seem to end
From the beginning of work week there goes the endless task
From when I start there is that hope for a good week
From that moment there is that notion of counting hours and soon counting days.

Reeling over the days as it slowly passes by
Rain or shine the weather just comes to capture its purpose
Restless nights becomes a thing of the past
Relieved and relaxed to completing the list of errands at hand.

In so many ways I start to make my plans
I imagine how I will be spending my time off – away from it all
I picture myself in a hammock between palm trees swaying to the breeze
I can see the waves rushing and touching the sand as the sound fills the air.

Danced in the moonlight as the stars flicker like diamond lights
Dancing barefeet as my feet feels the soft sand that tickles my toes
Dusk til dawn nature’s sound will be chanting like a lullaby
Day rises to its fullest and shines to another magical play.

As I fill my hours with these happy thoughts
Another hour is completed, another minute fulfilled
As I hear the clock ticking in motion, every second is moving on
Another moment of excitement draws me nearer to going home.

Yet today may be just a thought that crossed my mind
Yesterday’s bad day is just another day gone
Yearning to fill my days with beautiful scenes and places
Yes today is almost over and tomorrow is mine to take away as it comes.

12 Sep 2014