It’s 2 am – the night’s over as dawn and cold wind fills the air
I’m still wide awake – feeling chilly under the sheets
I pulled the blanket tighter to hopefully cover the draft
I tossed and turned to find a perfect pose to sleep
No matter how I try the bed  still feels hollow and empty.

It’s 2 am – my eyes still searching for a way
The void I feel inside is exhausting me – it’s frustrating
There’s this anxious feeling of waiting for tomorrow to come
I clutched the pillow next to me as I looked at the vacant spot
Running my hand on your crumpled space thinking how much I miss you.

It’s 2 am – I stared at my phone wishing you’ve read my mind
There is that silent prayer – that maybe you woke up thinking of me
There is that whispered hope – that maybe you’re missing me
There is that spark of warmth – that you dreamt of me
Just a “Hello” will be enough for me to shut my eyes.

It’s 2 am – I decided to try as I am getting jaded
Then suddenly I hear a ring – I’ve got a message
I felt butterflies in my stomach – a sweet tingling in my ear
Excitedly I checked – a note from you saying, “Hush little one and close your eyes, I’m here.”
It’s 3 am – tightly I cuddled your pillow, now I’m off to beautiful slumber deep.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
26 Aug 2014

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