The ray of the sun is striking – my eyes are hurting as it warms my face
Maybe because I’m sat right at the sun’s heat
I tried to use my hand to shield me – it gave a little relief
But I got tired from holding my arm up – I’m just tired altogether
But it doesn’t matter now – the sun will be down soon.

I’ve been up all night – now it’s the morning after
I’ve waited for you – you said you’ll be home soon yet you’re not
I could not sleep without you beside me – I got used to having you next to me
Spent the whole night counting the stars as it falls
But then it doesn’t matter now – the sun will set soon.

Tears started to fall all over again – I can’t understand why
When you left you just said, “I’ll see you tonight.”
Tonight became morning – you were a no show
I kept searching for reasons – I reached for answers
But it doesn’t matter – the sun will be gone soon.

I sobbed at the thought of us – summer was great
We made promises to each other – made plans for tomorrow
Recounting our moments together – I realised summer was different
I kept to my illusions – to stop myself from hurting
But it doesn’t matter now – the sun is slowly descending soon.

I wiped my tears away – trying to face reality
You are never coming back – you have traded me, you chose her
The lies and deceit – are obvious reasons why you run away
For one last time – I watched the sun set from afar to say “Goodbye”
And it doesn’t matter now – the sun will rise tomorrow and so will I.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
25 Aug 2014

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