A one rainy Monday morning and the coldness is calming
With a cup of coffee on hand to warm my fingers
The place looks so quiet – it feels like I’m somewhere in space
I turned the radio on and the music filled the empty house
I sat on the lounge – feeling lazy, cozy and content
Yet something is missing – a certain someone isn’t here.

As I finished my coffee then a familiar song is played
I tapped my finger on the cup to join the beat
I closed my eyes – the melody filled my mind as I sang along
In my thoughts I slowly painted a face – a familiar smirk I love seeing
Your image came in view – chanting the lyrics of the song with me.

As the music continues to play – you stretched your arms out
I reached to hold your hand – we danced like crazy even with four left feet
We giggled at each others misery – you kept stepping on my toes as I do the same
We laughed and twirled like kids spirited away
Then we slow danced – all I hear are our hearts beat like a drum.

The music halted into a finish – another song came to play
You held me tight as my head rests on your shoulder – we moved to the rhythm
You raised my head – I looked up then you said, “I guess this is our new song.”
I smiled back – I rest my head on your chest I whispered, “Yeah, some love song perfect for our crazy love.”
I opened my eyes to reality – there you are sheepishly telling me, “I so crazy love you, Stupid.”

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
25 Aug 2014