Because when…
You look at me I have shivers in my spine
Your eyes says the words I really want to find
As I look back, I can see your soul reaching out
A moment I feel your heart beating together with mine.

Because when…
You smile it melts my doubts away
It tells me a real story of your hopes and your life
As you utter words “I love you” tells me how much you do
I hear your promise of tomorrow and a life with you.

Because when…
Your embrace confines my fears and lock me to a secure place
In your arms I am safe- it is where I feel a reason to trust
As we hold each others hand for hours we never let go
Together we make a journey wherever it takes us.

Because when…
I’m missing you, I think of you in every way
A puzzle solved and souls bound to meet
Our imperfections make us just as perfect
A beautiful picture and a dream of an ever after.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
24 August 2014