So many things I want to say
Emotions in my heart wrapped together
Thoughts in my head in line ready in  time
And words in my mouth formed in unison
But there is no one here besides myself
So here, I’m wishing.

There are things I want to do
Pieces of puzzles to put together
My hands are ready to lay them out
My brain all set to solve each part
My eyes all clear to see it complete
Yet here, I’m wishing.

A lot of things I want to see
A list written with a smiley face
A tick box on the side to go through as I go along
Excitement engulfing my thoughts
That these will be something I wanted
But still, I’m wishing.

All the places I want to go
Somewhere I want to just sit back and relax
A nook where I can gather thoughts
A corner to find inspiration and discoveries
As my mind maps each passing hour
Here I am, finding.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
22 Aug 2014