The alarm went off and there goes the snooze button
Give me five minutes, I said
Just five minutes to gather my thoughts
Another alarm? I asked
Can I have another five minutes more?
It is not just to gather my thoughts, I reasoned
It is now about my point of view.

I’ve decided to get up and organise myself for the day
Thoughts swirling and brainwaves in numerous things
A checklist of errands and my mission for today
A quest to complete, a challenge to accomplish
With a leap of faith that today will end with a smile
With a hope that this day will be something worth the while
To make it through until the sunset comes.

The sun beams have spread with grace
Walking along the streets I see the buzz of the day’s beginning
Time to pick up the pace, a rushing hour
Buses and cars to and fro, travelling from here and there
Traces of smiles that greets you, while other’s frowns you wish you didn’t see
The same ordinary day, a commonplace we’re contend with
Just another morning and another day
until tomorrow again.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
22 Jul 2014