There are a hundred things I imagine  –  like serendipity
A hundred more reasons why I keep dreaming a dream
A hundred times over to wish upon a star
And another hundred to hope that there will be a day
For hundreds and hundreds of thoughts I will find you one day.

There are a thousand moments I can think of – each happy moments
A thousand more of laughter – of silly things we do
A thousand times over to dreams – the plans we make together
And another thousand to fill our life with memories – in any kind of weather
For thousands and thousands of keepsakes – I treasure it with you.

There are a million stories to write – on our journey together
A million more is added – pictures to cherish and fill us
A million times over for trust and a promise – the life we choose
And another million to courage – a rock to every fall
For millions and millions to lifetime – love is forever, you and I.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
22 Jul 2014