Once upon a blue moonlight
I stowed away my shattered heart
Locked every drop of tears and shot of pain into a box
Threw away the key with a hope that maybe it will be found
To unlock the box and put the pieces of my heart.

Once upon a beautiful sunrise
I am bewitched by its glory and strength
The golden light bathing my soul with faith
And every ray of sun I see – there is a life and a reason to living
That every wish I make – believing in chances to take.

Once upon an orange sunset
I see not just hope but another dream and another song
As the evening slowly comes to an end I patiently await
For tonight as the stars light up the skies – in my silent whispers
There is tomorrow – a day to make moments to live by.

Once upon another moonlight
That yesterdays dream –  my heart will soon find love
There is that certain someone with a lost key to unlock the box
The once broken pieces will be put back and made whole
Held with a promise to bind our hearts as one soul.

Anja-Mariela G.
20 June 2014