Staring curiously at a blank wall – with questions in mind
It looks so vacant – unspoiled from tarnish and dirt
The plainess of it seem tamed – there is a sense of modesty yet cautious
The surrealist of it is uncompromising – innocent and naive
Evoking my imagination – to craft my emotions.

Viewing the spotless wall – I find my own self
An empty canvas set to be painted on – a life’s creation
I started to fill my thoughts with memories – of faded photographs and the gallery of images
My emotions stitching together – figuring out a sketch
The brush strokes slowly weaving from one end to another – an abstract is formed.

As the painting slowly comes to life – it features a different scene
Illusions from a distance in a sterioscopic view – a perception of what I want to see
I took a step back – to reflect on what I have created
I started to realise – This is definitely not me!
What I am seeing is the replica of what I wish I am and what I thought I should be.

I reached deeper to my thoughts – my inner sensibilities
Who am I? What am I – what I have become?
Re-touching the prints – I have found the beauty of my being
Freehanded and guided with the true essence of life’s art – I have found love
Now I am staring intently at the masterpiece – there I saw strength and a beautiful soul.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
24 May 2014

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