Life has many colours – different meanings in different angles
Life at times is difficult to understand -difficult to reach and makes us wonder
But looking outside in we accept – life can be a rainbow of dreams
It teaches us lessons – make us realise its beauty
It makes us glow – to whatever darkness we may be in
It makes us grow – to finding our strength when we thought we have lost.

White – emptiness and fragile – a devoid of extreme highs or lows
Life living in stillness – a quiet calm and a vacant spot of silence
A pause for time – to surface when needed
A chance for change – an unmasking of mood
A slow moving of one’s state of mind.

Black – is darkness like a sombre in hue
A passion gone – cold and calculating
A struggle of faith for a bleak of hope – a shadow of notion
A blemish of perfection in life – desolate of emotions
A feeling of fear and a battle of doubts inside.

Yellow and Gold – some call it jealousy
I call it a new day – a new horizon
The sun has risen – a new hope has arrived
It sends waves of passion – a renewal of accepting new challenges
Filled with new defenses – a rage for living life.

Green – the earth’s unripened sphere
The trees are its warriors to guard nature’s offsprings
As the leaves changes every season
Its roots have claimed the land
And the grass blankets the world – to keep us grounded.

Blue – clear skies and deep settled seas
A peaceful resemblance of a blank canvas
A transparent crisp iced water – refreshing and tranquil
A tune of freedom – a serene blend of enchantment
It is the silence of the psyche – an unperturbed distance of the mind.

Red – the colour of blood flowing deep
A source of energy and emotions
A palpating sound of our every depth
In every beat sends impulses to our thoughts – the desires of the heart
In a momentum – there is that sense of warmth within our soul.

Life is not always easy – its a profound depth of living
It is a continuous process – of aiming, losing  and winning
It is a constant battle of wants and needs – of hopes and dreams
Life in the end is our blank paper – to design and create
And our life becomes our masterpiece – a priceless possession.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written: 1994 and 2014