I left home this morning – with tears in my eyes
I sensed that things have changed – there’s distance between us
It felt like we are strangers – a once binded soul
It seemed like we are here now – but our mind is somewhere
Have we fallen apart – are our hearts taken?

The thought of it all – I find myself questioning
Have I done something – am I being unreasonable ?
Have you done something – are you looking for someone else?
Am I expecting so much of you – when I should just lay low?
Or do you suppose to believe – I am no longer the one?

Tonight I came home – with hope in my heart
That maybe there is a reason – why we became so restrained
That maybe there is that time – when we feel we need space
Maybe there is that thought – building a space can be lonely and cold
Or maybe, just maybe as strangers – out of love we can fall again.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
16 May 2014