In my darkened room – I see a faint shadow lurking
Its move is delicate yet there is that cunning step
I shut my eyes so I may not see – my sight may be deceiving me
I imagined a plot of terror – my  thoughts beginning to scare me
I can feel goosebumps – a chill in the air on a gloomy, rainy night.

My heart started to beat faster – like a beat of a drum
I can feel my breath racing – like I’m running away somewhere
Streaks of sweat collected on my forehead – slowly dripping down my face
I opened my eyes – frightened as I stared blankly on the ceiling
With a sigh of relief I relaxed and told myself – it’s just my illusion.

I decided to keep the lights off – and thought of writing in my head
I started creating a scene of light – with mysteries and magic
I drew images of contentment – a sight that pleases the heart and soul
While this picture comes to life – I find myself gazing at a figure in the mirror
There’s that shadow I see – a blank face staring back with eyes piercing through me.

I turned the lamp on – the subtle light welcoming the dark
The glow starts to comfort me – with a cheerful grin
Yet there is still that shadow prowling in wait
The shadow that’s a make believe – a vision I conceived
Only then to realised the shadow was my reflection – reminding me to be spirit free.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
16 May 2014