With every tick of the clock – time is passing
Time is slowly moving to another pace – it is bound to end
As time goes by, starting means to begin unfolding pain and hurt
Every broken glass – the shattered pieces clutched
Binded to make it whole – scarred yet determined to face any challenge.
Although fragile – each mark is a piece of sanity.

As time goes by, every road taken may be tough to pursue
There may be struggles along the way – face another ordeal
Despite many gloomy consequences – there is that sense of resilience
A reason to fight – to change perceptions of failure
To change for the better – to find good in a bad situation
That even in hostility – in time all will be subdued.

As time goes by, yesterday will become a distant memory
Time in itself will become a past – a vision of bygones
The past will become a solitude of time – a sign of nothingness
Nothingness will only be a blank canvas – a chance to change
The canvas can become a plan – to find another vision and dream
Another spectre – to draw the blueprint of a new life.

As time goes by, life will seize to breath yet there will be another birth
There will be another creation – another masterpiece made
There will be a chapter written – another story to tell
There will be a place built – designed to its expectations
As time passes by, each piece will fade and may be repainted
For time just keeps going, until we realise when to let go and hold on to what keeps us alive.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Extracts from the poem I wrote in Oct 1993
Edited: 03 May 2014