The gentle light from my window woke me up
Its luminous ray softly cupped my face with tenderness
The heat felt warm- enough to stroke my skin
Its brightness bringing a new day – a new life
And the sparkle – promises a hope and a start of a one fine day.

Stretching with grateful fondness of my existence
I shivered at a possibility of a new day to dream
I whispered a prayer – a wish for a day of only simple things
With a happy thought – I ought to wish for angelic serendipities
All but a smile to greet the world of mystical shower of blessing is enough.
Silently, I pondered for a list to do today
In subdued thoughts, I see wonderful ideas to my meekness
In solitude, I re-discovered faith with a glimpse of certainty
My face lit in boldness – full of aspirations for the extraordinary
With a new start, I stepped out openly to embrace the beautiful life again.

Strolling along the paths, a shadow startled me
Doubts focused deeply but I withdrew from the sight
Yet I kept on with a sheild of courage – redirecting to a better path
I stopped and felt frozen at a trace of a smile I see
Staring in curiosity – it’s looking back with a question of daze.

From a distance – unmoved and in stillness I saw you
In your eyes – your stare leaving me breathless
In your smile – my heart beat like drums of the tribes
In your arms – I felt a strength of life and the warmth of safety
And in your touch – I sensed courage and a free spirit of love.

As you walked towards me – in amusement and playfulness
I felt a tingle that lingered through my spine
I seemed to have lost my balance as you walked closer and closer
Looking through my eyes, you searched for my soul
And as you held me in your arms, I knew I am never alone.

Leading  to an open path – the trees danced in tune
As the sun scattered its blaze to possess the day
The rhythm of the breeze carried us to a magical place
With your heart guiding mine – a love in sweet surrender with trust
One summer, I will wake up with you to a real journey of another beautiful summer day. 

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
1 June 2011