I never imagined how it is to fall in love so deeply
Just then out of nowhere I met you – a creature of uniqueness
I thought of perfection – though you may be filled with defects
I describe you with elegance – though you may be wrapped with dullness
I imagine you with refinement – though you may be clothed with roughness
I believe you are a handful of goodness – though you may have a tough  exterior.

Falling – your coming has taken me aback
Falling – was something I did not expect
Falling – my mind had so many reasons to hesitate and fear of being hurt
Falling – my heart had so much more reasons to take risks
Falling – made me realise that falling for you is meant to be
Falling – is finding myself how to dream and hope again
Falling – is believing love is to live my life again.

With you falling is not a worry – you are there to catch me
With you fear is nothing – you are there with courage to keep me safe
With you I don’t think of losing – you are there within reach
With you hoping is sharing – as your faith stands firmly on the ground
With you everything seems fine – you made sure it’s going to be okay
With your  tender touch – I can’t find enough reason not to need you
With a thoughtful gaze – I can’t deny learning to love you more.

Each moment with you is a garden of eden – like a paradise island
Each time of weakness – you are an arm of strength
Each day of pain – you relieve me with a pocketful of hope
Each dream we make – your promise is of good intentions
When tears fall at a moment of sadness – you wipe it with caress
At a chance of happy thoughts – you shine with a smile full of life
For each emptiness I feel is covered with surprises – beautiful moments to cherish with you.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Paragraphs from June 1999
Rewritten: 27 April 2014