Butterfly time to fly…
From when you are a timid larvae
From how you are a growing pretty caterpillar
From where you are in your shy cocoon
From what you are to become, a beauty!

Butterfly time to fly…
Open your eyes to the outside world
Gaze at the day of great wonder
Spread your wings in its beauty
Fly away to the new adventure.

Butterfly time to fly…
The horizon is inviting you with an open arm
To a journey of life and living
The world is waiting for you with a smile
For your dreams of faith and loving.

Butterfly time to fly…
Let your faith be your guide, your shield
Never loose your hope to a given chance
Breakaway and take the risk of destiny
It is your time to make a day of change.

Butterfly time to fly…
Let go of the rush of your fear
Take a chance to touch the sun and the skies
Now is the time to spread your wings and let be
Butterfly it is time to fly, please just fly away.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
15 Jan 2011