In a slow pace I searched for a path – to guide me through
Signs I see is wrapped in stripes of enquiry – a scheme to cover the way
Each symbol designed with mazes and puzzles to solve
Mysteries binded – to use logic rather than guess
To analyse with reasons – a balance for making decisions
To weigh each challenge – with a hope to keep going
To comprehend with a stable mind – for a leap of faith to try harder
And a gentle listen to my heart – to find a right choice in life.

I closed my eyes – it feels dark without a hand to show directions
Passion stirring my senses – as my feet joined the ground
Doubts clinging – as suspicions clog my thoughts
A moment of weakness and of loss – frightened to what is ahead
Finding answers I realised takes so much of me – my faith and my will almost empty
The journey is far ahead – the road endless and winding
The walk is heavy – my body fighting to stay sturdy to every step
My strength is consumed – body and mind slowly draining away.

I thought of giving up – but perseverance is pushing me
I thought of turning back – but my motivation is proding me
I thought of finding the easier way – but curiousity is prompting me
But then I kept going – there are signs of courage showing me everywhere
I see trees of wisdom – coaching me to stand on my ground
I smell wild flowers of purity – coaxing my heart to cast away doubts
I felt the breeze of hope – enticing my mind to believe in my spirit
The beauty of each senses  – carrying my soul to my dreams.

Through this I have recognised – my life is my purpose
I stand contented and serene – the world is my garden as I am the clay master
Everything is mine to mold – to be what I want it to be
That every soil I gather – there is a chance to find an art of nature
That every source around me – is a choice to create my own design
To find myself among others – even in my imperfections
To find happiness and peace – even in a world of madness
And to find innocence and simplicity – even in a life of contemporaries.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
12 April 2014