I sat underneath the shades of trees – listening to its rhythm
The stillness of the night looks empty – it feels so serene
The blankness of the evening seem frightening and sombre
The void is creeping up my spine – it summons my worries
But as I gazed deeply into the clouds – the stars glistened strongly with pride
Carrying me to a place – another haven beneath the grandiose skies.

In my solitude I gave in completely to my imagination – a mind’s eye to my senses
Into the darkness I walked without hesitation – rather in stubborn anticipation
In my pace I held on to a match – a symbol of courage to help on my way
I lighted a candle I call perseverance – to light my strength
As it flickers – a path of wisdom beckons my every step
As it glowed – a trail of hope charges me to keep moving.

With its brightness – I marvelled at the warmth it gave me
It shaved my determined soul – as the heat concealed me with inspiration
As I held the lamp closely with content – the dark shades became small
I saw a spark of a new promise – my guide to a journey unknown
The sight of it sent me to a beautiful awakening – of life’s meaning
That after the dusk there is dawn – another breakthrough of tomorrow.

I opened my eyes to watch the setting sun from the horizon with a smile
The crickets awakened to its rest – chirping their joyous song
The frog joined in with its melody – a symphony of the evening
The cool breeze swiftly moves – as the sound features a beautiful hymn
As the gentle moon prepares to rise –
the sky blankets the dusk like a choir
And then the stars glistened to its regal – to happily light my way back home.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Edited from original poem written Mar 1999
12 April 2012