The day you said you have to go – that it is time to say goodbye
That day my world shattered – I felt like broken into fragments
I did not show how dejected I’ve felt – I just could’nt
I have to show them that I am strong – I have to for you
I need to make sure things are taken care of – being selfish is the last thing
You have asked for me to lead – be the one to show them the way
If you only knew – that day was the moment I felt imperfect and incomplete.

I grew up always having you around – my rock and my solid ground
You always had the answers to my questions – about life, of living and to dream
You always had that gentle voice to soothe me – whenever I am down and heartbroken
You never struggled to find words – whenever I am lost and miserable
You never failed to teach us – to keep the faith, to believe and always hope
You have never been away without us – our adventures together was never dull
You and us – the perfect puzzle…a flawless maze now unfinished and incomplete.

Today should be a day to celebrate – a remembrance of your remarkable life
Been so long since I saw your smile – so meek yet so cheeky
Been awhile since I heard you laugh – it was an infectious giggle
Been sometime since I last listened to your playful stories – all made up but full of fun
Been years if I start counting since I sang along with you – playing the ukulele was a bonus
Been ages since I went to sleep to your lullabies – the gentle stroke of the hair was special
Today, for moments like this – just thinking of you I am still lost and incomplete.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
For Abuela
Happy Birthday, Lola Panyang
07 April 2014