Staring at old memories – reminiscence of a history
Images of places visited – beautiful landscapes recreated
Sketches of faces – a telltale story of every moment
Drawings of expressions – a standstill of emotions
Painting a portrait that matches a thousand words
A motion picture that revives a feature of life’s yesterday
Details and profiles of who we are and what we have become.

The old photographs sent me back to  memories almost forgotten
The images of smiles and poses brought excitement like it just happened
The places in the background reminded me of the stories in an instant
Moments of what we used to talk – the conversations of dreams and aspirations
The expressions of each figure  traces true feelings
Emotions wielded – a masquerade behind the realities of life
A sense of susceptibility – feelings and thoughts of what was then and now.

From each piece describes a portrayal – a mirror of my experiences
I sensed a narration – recalled the beautiful anecdotes and humorous remarks
Certain impressions of the unexpected – candid shots of the passing
Features of a mood – a laugh, a smile, an act to evoke the plot
As I turned every page of the album a novel is imagined – a sountrack in rhythm
The art of faded photographs – are views of my past and treasures in a box
The recollections of my existence – the memoirs of life to keep.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
06 April 2014