Words come in tiny bits  – like shattered pieces and puzzles
A little of this…more of that and some of it
When put together shows a meaning – printed in different shades and shapes
When read – it conjures an explicit remark
As it is spoken – commands a language of feelings
As each sound lists a dozen signs – a symbol of emotion
Maybe love…maybe life…maybe can be anything.

Looking through an hourglass – in a tube of time
Slowly the sand glides towards a tunnel of life
I see myself through it – silently sliding with every loose grain
As each piece falls with cautions of fear – giving up a dream
A frail hope appears – as blankness evaluates my timid mind
With a pile of regret from past mistakes – emotions mixes with my fading strength
And with just a bottle of courage – I redirected my steps to taking chances.

Facing my fate serendipity found me – it touched my sense of longing
For knowing life is created with a purpose – it gave me a reason
For having a reason – a tainted glass melts into grace
As it clears away my doubts…my fears – my heart shifts to an awakening
As my mind sought resignation – my soul invites trust
At that point in time I know – my heart starts to see another dream
And that moment I realised- my dream of finding love  is for me to turn the hourglass.

The hourglass spins the opposite – altering a faded picture into hue
As each grain of sand passes through – a story is written
Every word and every thought consumes the heart
Every beat of the heart connects – glides along a journey
The journey may not be straight – there will be clusters in each step
As the lump moves it eases through – a breath to take away
As time goes by we hold the key – to turn the hourglass of loving all over again.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
05 April 2014