When a man chooses to reveal himself to a friend, the friend is made witness to a spectacle of growth, like a birth of a child or the unfolding of a flower.

There is an unfolding out of darkness into light;
There is the revelation of a hidden life which, if it is to develop it needs air and sun and careful nurture.

If the flower does not unfold, it withers and dies in bud, and drops from the stem.
If a man does not reveal himself, his growth is stuned and, ultimately the secret life of his spirit dies like a worm eaten bud.

But however, one must be patient and not ask to see all the growth at once
First the small shoot pushes up timidly to see the sun, then another appears and the stalk grows strongly into a bud and blossom and fruit.

You have reservations, I know that.
To be timid is not to be afraid, only careful of the fragility of the inward self.

Written by: Morris L. West