Sometimes things come when least expected – a surprise and a blessing
When wishes just pop out from nowhere – from the closet of dreams
Thoughts that seem hard to understand – difficult to comprehend
A mind full of mysteries – vivid to the imagination
A spectrum of sights – so full to a timid heart and a broken spirit.

Recognising each detail can be startling – striking the innermost being
Describing every feeling – it leaves so much questions and uncertainties
Void of the answers – of what to expect and what to find
There is a limit – of what I can take and how to bear it all again
But there are chances – to outgrow the hurt and get rid of the unwanted.

Often unaware of the forces – the shield I created in my life
A strength gathers my lost spirit – that somehow I can get out of the pitfalls
Hope shows up – to craddle and embrace me to safe haven
Faith displays to the horizon – to drift away each pain and memories
So life comes after to start anew – putting me back to pieces and be able love to again.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Rewritten: 23 Mar 2014