My world whirling in the four corners of my bed
Tossed and turned on my crumpled sheets
I closed my eyes – my mind shut from the outside world
I took a deep breath – to feel the thumping of my heart
In silence – counted the beat of my pulse
As I opened my eyes – your face I see in my mind.

Is this love? – I wondered with the image of you in my thoughts
I traced the shade of your face – your eyes telling me something
With a brush of my imagination – I broke into fragments
As the figure resembled a beauty – so unique
The story is entrancing – it captured every fabric of my being
A music that touched my soul – taking me captive.

In the midst of my illusions – I walked in shambles
As your apparition sent me speechless – your smile held me motionless
Gazing through your eyes – you stared back into the depth of me
As your lips  moved – barely understanding  what you’re saying
I am left paralysed – a magnet pulling me to you
Mesmerising my sanity – an obsession to be with you.

I shifted to the side of the bed – snapping myself out of this fantasy
The ray of the sun sparked my senses back into reality
A shadow slowly walked towards me – my comprehension awakened
A soft whisper in my ear tickled – I giggled to every word
I stretched my arms out – to cuddle me safely in your embrace
My heart in longing – loving you loving me and an ever after.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Part written: Aug 1998
Re-written: 22 Mar 2014