The lights are flickering walking along the quiet road
The moon watching over with its brightness – a hope to every prayer
Stars continue to glitter over distant skies
Waiting to fall to every ardent wish – every whisper of plea
As the clouds wrap the world like a safe blanket
A spell of enchantment encapsulates the night
To fill it with magic – a night to seize this very moment.

The wind blows softly  like a ball of cotton
The breeze brushing my skin gently as I shiver from my thoughts
The glint of each star peering through the massive skies
The shadows of the trees swaying as its branches stretches out
I pulled my jumper as the cold night sends chill down my body
I sighed, never thought that being alone can take its toll
In surrender, a tear starts to fall – its warmth short-lived.

Such moment like this, emptiness fills me
The seconds of every minute seeping every turn of time
Another sigh came – hugged myself in the hope to protect my emotions
As the gray clouds cover the moon from its resting place
The stillness felt serene – embracing me to safety
It sensed what I’m thinking – my deep thoughts laid out
Filling my heart with greater expectations of what tomorrow brings.

The wind continued to chime through the night’s solitude
The sound imitating the beat of my heart – a solemn rhythm
My thoughts wandered – questioning my feelings
“Am I doing the right thing – is it worth it…are you worth it?”
I struggled with my emotions, I am confused about the answers – uncertain of what I really want
My mind gave me a reason – “But never love, it only ends in heartache!”
But then again my heart answered – “Loving you is a risk I’m willing to take.”

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Part written in May 1998
Re-written: 20 Mar 2014