The sunset wrapped the day in animated colours
A scenic sight to end the day of rush and surge
While the moon starts rising to a crescendo of light
A spark of rhythm and drumbeat echoes along
Capturing the subdued soul of the daylight’s hymn.

The resonant moon glare in the orbit’s shanty
Painting a blaze of melancholic ambience and sweet sounds
A spellbinding lamp serenading the nightfall sublime
It’s radiance filled the phantom and somber eventide
Resigned to its full luminescent shaded chant.

Picturesque and salient, glows a poetic dream
An orchestra ignites the subtle hue to clear the day’s air
The glare of twilight envelop a sensuous refrain
A portrait of harmony to a poignant lyrical reverie
Seducing sundown to a submissive solace of acoustic flight.

The kaleidoscope became a replica of a daydream’s chord
Wholly, its gleam revives a sphere of the soothing cello
Flushed with a tune of divine tonic, glowing deeply into the skies
The bright silhouette uplifting the soul of a gloaming harp
It ignites the chorus resembling a graphic panorama of tinted rays.

The dusk glimmers to a resplendent arrangement of vividness
The soft tinge transfixing an acapella, savouring a dream
The lantern’s flame, lavishly brightens the darkened space
Illuminating regally to its perfect charm and grace
Poised to play a lullaby…the ballad of the night’s prayer and a melody of a heart’s daze.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
With a little help from a friend
1st April 2011