So many questions – doubts and fears clouding her mind
The why’s and the how’s creeping inside – it makes no sense at all
The what’s and the where’s – blocking every thoughts blurring her sanity
The could it be’s and the maybe’s – wavering like the seas crushing every sand castles delicately made
And the but’s and yet’s echoes – like a whirl of a storm along the toxic waters.

The journey taken isn’t straight and narrow
The path? – Walking is like an uphill battle and the climb so steep
The tunnel seem endless and tiring – the light is too far ahead
Each step is heavy – her feet feels like being dragged in chains
With every move she feels nauseated – intoxicated as her blood runs through every part of her.

Asking all the questions – there she finds a glimmer of hope peeking
Putting all the answers – there she finds her faith along the way
Taking the journey – there she finds her unmarked courage soaring
Gathering all the strength – there she finds her spirit set free
And finding her soul – she discovered real love and living.

In her eyes – I see pain behind every smile
In her smile – I sense loneliness and the whispered prayer
In her prayers – I hear her silent cries and ardent wishes
In her wishes and every tear – I can feel true strength and real courage
And in that strength…in her courage – there I have found a pure heart showing love like no other.

For Daldel
Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
8 Mar 2014


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