A Sky Seeker


The dawn breaks with a glimmer of the moonlight
The smell of fresh dew moistens the air
The soft breeze cupped my face – calm and collected
As I closed my eyes to embrace the new day
A smile traces like a serene hymn of my every heartbeat.

The vastness of the skies gently beckons my soul
The clouds jointly form a sign of welcome
The subtle flow of time searched my unguarded thoughts
As I take a deep breath to smell the call of a new journey
A hand tenderly held mine like a tranquil wind.

The sun begins to rise from its slumber
The ray tamed my anxious melancholy
The warmth graciously lifts and cuddles my sorrow
As I stared blankly to search for a new horizon
A long gaze glistens into my eyes like the radiant sun.

The day has begun calling a silent reverie
The sweet voice of comfort migrating high above like a bluebird
The flight of a songbird soaring like a free spirit towards the limitless sky
As I took a step to start seeking new adventures
Another step carefully moved beside me like a swift wing.

The world awaits as the skies surfaced in grandeur
The sound of the wind summons with a challenge
The call of the clouds signals to pursue my purpose
That as I answered with determined faith to a new destiny
A gentle voice uttered the words of strength and a promise – towards the summit skies.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
25 Jan 2011


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