Say it…
In silence I stared vacantly in space – shocked at what I am hearing
I feel numb and calloused as my eyes starts to fill with tears
I am trying to shake off that feeling of disgust and betrayal
Of what you have just said – I can’t believe you really said it.

You said there’s someone else – that you didn’t mean it?
You said it just happened – that you just suddenly fell for her?
You said she’s different – that you think she’s the one for you?
But maybe you have forgotten – that’s the same reason you said when you chose me?

It’s over…
My heart felt like it is being torn into pieces – stabbed a number of times
My breathing seem to have stopped for a while each time you moved your lips as you speak
The sound of your voice seem broken – and my silence became a torture.
You turned your back and walked away – left me in the cold, winter rain.

Now it’s over…
As the rain poured heavily – angry as the thunder roared in the horizon
I shouted – as slowly you faded away from the curtains of rain
“How dare you hurt me this way – you don’t deserve me for I am more… I am far better.”
I let out my emotions – cried as hard as I can along with each rainfall
I say it’s over – you are nothing more to me but just a blur.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
27 Feb 2014