Just a little more time…


A little…
Let a teardrop fill the emptiness
Let me wonder how lonely must I’ve been
With all this pain in my heart
And the misery of my soul
I wish your gentle touch can fade them away
That my soul may be set free
From a shadow of fear…of doubts
From the clutches of hope
Of loving you.

Frightened by your disguise
The promise you have once made
I thought will soon come
Tell me how will I survive?
Waiting for such terrible lies
How could you break my heart?
When nothing is left of me
Only the agony of regret.

You want another chance
To fulfill that dream…our dream?
You said you will make it up
You said “Sorry” for leaving me
That meant a lot because it matter to me
Much as I thought you will come back
But none of your stories are done
When I have given you the chance.

Just a little more time, I said
In time I will be whole again
Just a little more time, I asked
Until when will this hurting end?
Just a little more time, I wondered
When will this heartache end
When I know you will never return
Not now, nor tomorrow – it’s over and never again!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written: 10 Apr 1997
Revised: 26 Feb 2014


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