LOVE, what’s the perfect description can you fit in?
Is it a virtue of charity…an emotion…a miracle…a feeling?
Feelings of security…of pleasure…of happiness..of heartaches and miseries?

They say love has many secrets
Secrets that can fill every corner, every space of the heart
Unfolds every emptiness that surrounds you
Binded to connect and unite as one.

Like the sum that glows to greet the morning’s mist
That its brightness gives you a promise
A promise of hope and a new beginning
A new start and a fresh breath of air.

Like the moon that glimmers in the night
That lightens the shadows of darkness
Yielding every ardent pleas of the frightened heart
And becomes a shield from dusk til dawn.

Love endures, love conquers and gives meaning to a once senseless past
It gives magic to the once unenchanted life
It tortures whenever it is left unsaid
And tingles your passion in every moment to cherish.

Love has reserves when hurt and in pain
It either leaves a lesson or marks a stain
Love has its own retribution and rewards
Love will reveal your secrets in any language of the heart.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
25 Sep 1993
Revised: 23 Feb 2014