The dawn has come and the night slowly ended –
The stillness of the world has brought a sublime calmness –
The subtlety of the wind stroking the branches of the trees –
The birds chirped in harmony as they nestled in comfort –
Day has the sun has risen to its throne –
As the moon bade farewell to its rest with a promise for later.

My sleepy mind is awakened by the sweet melody of the morning –
I tossed and turned..feeling lazy to get up –
My cozy bed cuing me to stay with its warmth –
I curled under the sheets..cuddled my pillow for some console –
Though my eyes still thoughts had strayed away –
Beckoning my senses to open up and stretch out –
I blinked, then for a moment i found myself saying, “This is gonna be a good day!”

Daylight has now slowly welcome its grace –
The ray lit my room with colors of perfection –
Clocks had chimed and tic-toc to its fitting time –
Busy streets..horns and beeps signals a start of another day –
People in their “Hellos” and “Goodbyes”..I can imagine their waves and smiles –
One portrait of an inspiring break of a new season on a one fine day.

In a spur..I smiled, hopped and whistled a happy tune –
I drew my curtains to look relish the day –
The fresh air wiped my face with an awakening –
The soft ray of light from the morning sun bathe me with newness –
The birds on the treetop with their harmony nestled in my thoughts –
Today, I am starting life with a hope that it’s all gonna be OK!

The trees are starting to show its shade of green, I noticed –
Flowers blossomed to its exquisite site to see –
Bees and ladybirds passing, dancing and prancing for a sip of sweetness to its risen buds –
The smell of the freshly cut grass sank deeply into my senses –
And the air blowing my thoughts anew with zest –
While the sun stretched its magnificent vigor, I felt it cuddling me to safety.

I summoned my thoughts back to reality, facing a promise of a better day-
As I walked with inspiration, still caught and entangled in a daydream –
I gathered and scrapped all the picturesque stories to tell and live by –
Of one springtime where new things casts new beginnings –
For yet another day..another horizon..another hope for the next spring time!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
28 Dec 2010