The hum of the season, a sign of spring hue
A strum of the tree branch danced and sway
A beat of the leaves and bough fuse
Like a rhythm of wind, a soft breeze underlay.

The birds in its warm nest chirped and tweet
The bees buzzing towards each colorful blossom’s arc
The caterpillars now soaring as elegant butterflies fleet
And the methodical ants slowly, gently in line marched.

While I watched this grandeur, just this very moment
My heart throbbed and beat like a drum
I closed my eyes to feel a deep fathom of thoughts
There I found a melody, a rhyme for me to sum.

Words softly formed like chains of notes
The pulse glided and flowing from within my soul
Then tenderly the lyrics becoming a story floats
The symphony, a serenade from my heart and a melody of my soul for you.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
19 March 2011