Show me how to breathe
Let the blood flow and run through the depths of my veins
Let the fluid wash away my fears, my pain
Let its color cover my life filled with sorrow
And let every drop steal away a joy to borrow.

Show me how to breathe
Let the air blow away my anguish, my lonely soul
Let me inhale courage, dare my existence howl
Let the strength of your spirit engulf my sighs
And exhale all the hurt and ruins of my cries.

Show me how to breathe
Let your pureness banish the night and replace it with light
Let your faith cloak me with a hope to live ignite
Let your promise guide me when nothing seems to go right or real
And dispel my burden with your gentle embrace and your compassion to heal.

Show me how to breathe
Let your kindness nurture my silent whisper, be my voice
Let your breathtaking candor capture my troubled choice
Let your inspiration be my field of roses in the prairies of life
And your will redeem me from a faded strife.

Show me how to breathe
When frustrations and defeat has weakened me
When my dreams and aspirations have crushed as far your eyes can see
Cuddle me with your love, your cherished passion
And cradle me tight in your arms like you never let go of your possession.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama
Anja-Mariela G.
25 Sep 2010