An Angel Without Wings


In my moment of silent cries
In my clouded tears and futile lies
In between the sobs and sighs
In my surrender and weakened demise
An unspoken prayer is heeded by my side.

In my fraility, I have found defence
In my notion of limitations, I have seen sense
In my hopelessness, I have gathered strength
In my lost faith, came back a joyful spirit sent
A willful prayer is whispered by my side.

In my anxious mind, I have drawn steadfast thoughts
In my trembled heart, someone have battled and fought
In my agonising wait, I am cuddled with courage
In my pessimism, I have collected love from a mileage
And a pure heartfelt prayer is heard by my side.

In my waiting hour, I have held a zealous hand
In my moment of anticipation, I am wrapped with trusted bond
In my chance of impatience, I am sheltered with a safe embrace
In my time of great relief, I am hushed with a promise of solace
Then there appeared an angel with a grateful smile to relish by my side.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
13 Oct 2010


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